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By November 10, 2014Industry News
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Assisted suicide: right or wrong?

Are Millennials too lazy to lead?

Will health costs bankrupt America?

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FORA.tvJason Hirschhorn, CEO and Chief Curator at REDEF, will sit down with CNN’s Brian Stelter at the Paley Center for Media to talks new plans to expand the REDEF brand and buil a business on content curation. Watch November 11

A combination of wisdom, innovation, and risk-taking is required to succeed in today’s retail and apparel landscape. The 2014 WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit’s theme of R’Evolution explores how, more than ever, these skills are crucial in today’s dynamic environment to ignite change and transformation. Available November 11

Louisiana is consistently ranked as one of the least healthy states in America, with high rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses that contribute to some of the highest medical costs in the country. The state provides a window into the challenges facing healthcare systems across America.

Join the Atlantic in Baton Rogue for a town hall with doctors, researchers, patient advocates, and more discussing strategies to promote better health, improve patient outcomes, and rein in costs. Watch November 12

Will physician-assisted suicide laws lead to a slippery slope, where the vulnerable are pressured to choose death and human life is devalued? Or do we need to recognize everyone’s basic right to autonomy, the right to end pain and suffering, and the right to choose to die with dignity? Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates presents Legalize Assisted Suicide. Watch November 13

Philosopher Peter Singer and Andrew Solomon, Prof. of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, will argue for the motion; Baroness Ilora Finlay, President of the British Medical Association, and Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, member of the Presidential Bioethics Commission, will argue against.

More than any prior generation, America’s youth are confronted by the harsh realities and problems of the world around us. There’s a problem, though–this deluge of information isn’t translating into positive action. For every Occupy Wall Street protester or Climate March participant, there are many others who would rather tune in and drop out. How can we inspire America’s youth to not only be aware of the issues confronting them, but also to take a stand?  Watch November 14

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