Watch, Pause and Rewind Live Events with Your Phone

By October 11, 2013Industry News

Have you ever wanted to watch video of a live event but were stuck in a meeting or on the phone and couldn’t get to a computer?

I’m excited to share with you news of a novel approach to this problem:’s Live DVR.

Now, if you arrive “late” to live streams you can quickly catch up on missed sessions and watch earlier speakers simply by clicking the rewind button. Just like the digital video recorder (DVR) for your cable tv service or Tivo box, this new function allows you to pause, rewind, or fast-forward video from live events. With our Live DVR, you can watch what you want, when you want.

Whether it’s on our website or across the web, on smartphones, tablets or desktops, we want viewers of your live events to have a video viewing experience like none other. So, in addition to Live DVR, we’re also introducing player control buttons that appear only when the video is moused-over, a vertical volume button and enhanced bit-rate functionality that senses your local bandwidth to deliver the highest quality video possible.

To experience these new features firsthand, please join us for an upcoming live stream at

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