Post-Production & Editing

We provide a full range of post-production video services from color correction to sizzle reel creation.

Multimedia Integration

Integrate presentation slides and multimedia directly into your video to create an engaging online viewing experience.

take two preview

Video Previews

Cover significant talking points from each session of your event, which can be teasers of the full sessions or shared on social.


In-Video Branding

Recognize sponsors with custom messaging slates, digital watermarks, title slates, text overlays and custom graphics.

Sizzle Reels

Demonstrate the value of your event by using footage captured at your event. We can craft a custom sizzle reel that showcases keynote speakers, event highlights and sponsors.

Sound and Color Correction

Enrich your video by achieving coherence in tone and balance, quality continuity, and clarity while correcting for issues like shadows and interference.

Special Effects

Whatever the requirements or vision – adding full-motion graphics to enhance visuals or adding voice-overs – we can accommodate your requirements.


Our video editors will work with you to create sophisticated screencasts that fit your script, storyboard and messaging.


Chapter your video into smaller segments around key talking points. Help viewers quickly find the part of each session that interests them most.

Multilingual Translation

We can provide language translation services for live and on-demand video of your event.

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