Twitter Buys SnappyTV: Three Trends

By June 26, 2014Blog Post

Twitter’s acquisition last week of SnappyTV, a provider of tools to edit and post live video on social media, will accelerate three trends already underway for online video, signaling an exciting opportunity for conference and event organizers as they prepare video strategies for their Fall line-ups.

[pow_mini_callout title=”Trend #1:” border_color=”#0072bc”]Micro-length videos become even more popular.[/pow_mini_callout]

Twitter has been working hard to integrate video onto its platform by partnering with television networks, news shows and drum roll, please, (More people now watch live streams on Twitter than on the web site.) Twitter explained its purchase of SnappyTV acquisition on its blog: “It’s important for us to provide tools that make it easy for TV broadcasters, businesses, and event producers to share high-quality videos.”

SnappyTV excels at producing very short video clips — call them micro-highlights, taken from live events. Last summer for example, the company produced video micro-highlights of the US Open, which were shared on Twitter immediately after an ace or an exciting volley happened. Expect a flood of SnappyTV micro-highlights to be published on Twitter, complementing the popular six second videos from Vine (acquired by Twitter inn 2012).

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[pow_mini_callout title=”Trend #2:” border_color=”#0072bc”]Micro-length ads become more common.[/pow_mini_callout]

Consumers of short videos demand shorter ads. A thirty second pre-roll spot against a fifteen second video clip would be beyond stupid, but it’s something I wouldn’t put past many an ad network. (I know, let’s bludgeon an online video watcher with a television ad!) Fortunately, Twitter, SnappyTV and the brands they’ve worked with get it.

Speaking at Wired BizCon 2014, Twitter Amplify’s Glenn Brown explained that “Advertisers are aware of [the need]. They told us they, too, wanted shorter ads.” During the US Open, for instance, Heineken produced 5 second ads for the real time micro-highlights. So, get ready for interesting experiments with ads before, during, and after watching micro-highlight videos on Twitter.

[pow_mini_callout title=”Trend #3:” border_color=”#0072bc”]Mobile devices become even more important.[/pow_mini_callout]

The final trend is implicitly obvious to the casual observer — if to the bedevilment of iPad app developers. Behind the rise of micro-length videos and their nano-length ads is the fact that smart phones are simply more prevalent. And shorter wins on mobile.

What this means for conferences and event organizers
As video becomes more entrenched on Twitter, conference and event organizers will have to ante up with videos of their own. The nature of most conferences and events may not demand realtime micro-length highlights, but they do demand highlights. Time and again I have seen how 2-5 minute video highlights are shared from onto Twitter, where people watch them and then click through back to, in order to enjoy the full 60 minute program. Think of these video highlights as movie trailers.

The question for event organizers becomes whether their programming is suited for micro-highlights, and whether their sponsors have 3-5 second ads to place against them. And if so, will they find a place in the Twitter firmament?
The answer, in many cases, is yes.

Consider an interview of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo from the Commonwealth Club, where a section of it was split into six separate videos, ranging in length from 22 to 47 seconds.

Watch a 36 second micro-highlight on Twitter here:

#1: Dick Costolo’s Favorite Word from Commonwealth Club on

With our Watch on Twitter capability, conference and event organizers can better capitalize on Twitter’s powerful networking effects by presenting video directly to their Twitter followers, who in turn can share it with their own followers, and so on. Further, when viewers share a live stream or on-demand video from to Twitter, the same multiplicative benefits are produced.

Please let us know if you’re considering micro-highlights on Twitter for your online video strategy. We’d love to hear from you via email: or follow us on Twitter: @foratvservices.

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