This Week on The Real ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and More

By October 27, 2014Industry News
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How is prison population connected to strong communities?

Can A-list stars save brick-and-mortar stores?

Why can’t the working poor succeed?

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Everything is connected. That’s why Open Society Institute-Baltimore knows that the sticky issues we tackle are all intertwined. And these issues need smart solutions because, as a city, we’re all connected. What happens to one of us affects all of us. More opportunity for every child and adult means Baltimore can thrive and grow. Big Change Baltimore is OSI’s forum for connecting ideas–and some solutions already in place–to people who are committed to powerful change. Watch October 27

Keynote speakers include Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black,  The Marshall Project’s editor-in-chief Bill Keller, UC Berkeley Law Professor Ian Haney López, and more.
Macy’s Joe Feczko, SVP of Integrated Marketing, Broadcast Services and Innovation Strategies, and JWT’s Worldwide Chairman and CEO Bob Jeffrey discuss how the world’s most famous department store has transformed into an A-List entertainment brand. Watch October 29

Miss last week’s Intelligence Squared U.S. debate: Income Inequality Impairs the American Dream?
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