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By June 14, 2015Industry News

Are we over-emphasizing STEM education?

Is the Common Core good for public and charter schools?

How can mayors and apps tackle urban inequalities?

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Education Summit

The educational experiences of today’s students are often unrecognizable to their parents. Elementary school children are learning on iPads, increased homework loads are stacked on top of more and more extracurricular activities and common core standards are defining curriculums at the expense of staples like civics, cursive, P.E. and art.

To explore the many facets of the American education system, The Atlantic‘s Education Summit will gather 400 stakeholders from across related industries to examine the factors that have molded our current school systems and explore changes that could improve how we approach learning for years to come. Interviews with American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten and  Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DC Public Schools. Learn more

Education Summit

Urban regions across the United States are experiencing rising levels of poverty and inequality. This economic disparity-paired with a widening skills gap thanks to the digital divide-hinders cities’ abilities to become productive, sustainable communities. The Atlantic is hosting a half-day forum to address how technological innovations can mitigate issues of poverty, inequality, workforce development and education. Interviews with the mayors of Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Kansas City and Jase Wilson, CEO of Neighborly. Learn more

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