This Week on Is It Time to Abolish the Death Penalty?

By April 13, 2015Industry News

Can America’s struggling cities recover?

Is capital punishment always immoral?

What does freedom mean in a modern world?

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The National Constitution Center will bring together the top liberal, libertarian and conservative thought leaders in America for a national conversation about the future of freedom.This symposium will be a series of bipartisan discussions examining the role of free speech, freedom of religion, equality and other individual rights. Featuring Mike Bezos, Co-Founder of the Bezos Family Foundatio, biographer and Aspen Institute president Walter Isaacson, Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden, and more. Learn More

Across the nation, many American communities continue to struggle to reach their full economic potential, especially in the wake of the recession and the structural changes to the economy. Yet largely untapped resources exist in private sector investor networks, and emerging policy mechanisms could facilitate connections between financial resources and the communities that need them most.

Join The Atlantic, Senators Cory Booker and Tim Scott, and more for a bipartisan conversation around legislative efforts and public-private partnerships promoting sustained, strategic investments to address the challenges facing America’s struggling cities.  Learn More

State and local politicians, especially those whose communities have suffered from the recent spike in extreme weather events, have been far quicker than Congress to embrace meaningful climate change policies. How are state and local actors in Virginia coming together to address climate change and implement new policies? Are these case studies and pockets of success enough to achieve broad-scale climate action in the coming years? What will it take to bring climate change to the forefront of policy debates?

The New Republic, in partnership with The College of William & Mary’s Environmental Science and Policy program, will host The Next Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in Virginia at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond in the Dominion Room on the second floor. The program, featuring Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will address climate change action and implementation at the state and local level and shed light on the Administration’s plan to introduce climate policy in 2015. Learn More

FORA.tvThough the death penalty’s popularity has been in decline since the 1980s, a recent Gallup poll found that Americans are still largely supportive, with 1 in 6 in favor as punishment for murder. Legal in 32 states, it has come under renewed scrutiny in light of several botched executions in 2014. At the heart of the debate are many complicated questions.

Within a flawed criminal justice system, is it possible to know every person’s guilt with a sufficient degree of certainty? Does the fear of death reduce crime? Are there race and class biases in sentencing? Are some crimes so heinous in nature that punishment by death is the only appropriate measure, or is capital punishment always immoral? Should we abolish the death penalty? Learn More

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