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By April 19, 2015Industry News
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Is life getting better or worse for women?

Will climate change increase world hunger?

Is wearable tech the next big thing in energy?

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Recently the United Nations issued a report documenting “alarmingly high levels of violence” against women in many countries globally despite gains in some areas like education, health and even political power. Dr. Ruth Macklin, world-renowned philosopher at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, takes on this paradox

Join The Hastings Center for a lecture by Macklin exploring how  women’s rights to health and safety are respected, protected, or ignored in different parts of the world. Learn More

From fueling and monitoring energy use within our homes to charging electric vehicles on the go, energy options are rapidly diversifying while demand from young, savvy consumers is shaping the technology offered. Today, new options in energy distribution offer more choices than ever about where to get energy and how to use it, but what are the long-term impacts of these decisions?

Giving special attention to the millennial generation’s predilection for early adoption on the technological frontier, The Atlantic will explore the effects consumer habits have on the design and implementation of energy technologies in a wireless society. Featuring Jawbone’s Yves Béhar, Founder and CEO of fuseproject. Learn More

From the implications of a debt-chocking, slower Chinese economy to a Eurozone sitting on a deflationary precipice to a still over-leveraged raft of homeownership poking holes in the American dream, questions arise about the health and resilience of the US and global economies.

In a daylong deep-dive, The Atlantic‘s Summit on the Economy will take stock of the factors that drive economic conditions at home and abroad. Join more than 300 policymakers, CEOs, and top newsmakers including Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro. Learn More

Produced by The George Washington University’s Planet Forward, the two-day Feeding The Planet Summit will bring together college students, innovators, policymakers and storytellers to discuss and share the story of climate change, food and agriculture.

Participants will present new ideas, identify climate and food challenges, and tell stories of innovations and solutions.  Speakers include Land O’Lakes CEO Chris Policinski, NIFA director Sonny Ramaswamy, and former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman. Learn More

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