This Week on Election Day, Real Estate, and More

By November 3, 2014Industry News
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Real estate boom or bubble?

Will the mid-term elections shake up Washington?

Why are world leaders scared of Millennials?

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National Journal will draw from its robust editorial talent for an intensive look at the results of the 2014 elections and their likely impact on Congress, the executive branch, K Street, and the most important policy issues of the day. This conference will include a 360-degree look at election trends from Charlie Cook and Ron Fournier. Watch November 5

Pacific Union CEO Mark A. McLaughlin and esteemed economists John Burns and Dean Wehrli team up to present the first in a series of live economic forecasts, providing proprietary research findings that will give investors, buyers, and sellers the knowledge they need for success in their Bay Area real estate investments. (This live stream will be available in Mandarin or English. 现场直播语言可以选择英文或中文.) Watch November 5

Miss this year’s Washington Ideas Forum? Now you can watch the best from inside of the Beltway talk about the critical issues affecting our national identity, politics, and core values from energy and technology to health care and urban renewal. A quick recap:

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