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By October 11, 2015Industry News

What will truly data-driven health care look like?
Are China and the U.S. long-term enemies?
Can cities fix the world?

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates presents China and the U.S. Are Long-Term Enemies. The Heritage Foundation’s Peter Brookesand University of Chicago political science professor John Mearsheimer will argue for the motion; former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd and Robert Daly, Director of the Kissinger Institute, will argue against.

Is China’s ascendancy a threat to the U.S.? China’s rise as an economic and military power, coupled with its aggression in the South China Sea, have led some to call for a major rebalance of U.S. policy and strategy. Can China be trusted to act as a responsible global stakeholder? And will they be a long-term ally, or adversary? Learn more

The exponential growth of medical data in the U.S is the result, in part, of the national commitment to health IT and electronic medical records, support among doctors for evidence-based medicine and demands from consumers that their personal data help inform their care. But our ability to collect data has outpaced our ability to generate new intelligence from the data. How are companies and institutions making sense of big data to arrive at better outcomes across the health system? How is the business sector leveraging healthcare data to improve employee health and their bottom line? How do doctors and patients take advantage of the data to improve results?

The Atlantic will host Inventing the Future of Health, a town hall event convening a group of entrepreneurs, doctors, researchers, business leaders and patient advocates to discuss what truly data-driven health care will look like – and how it could lead to a healthier population and economy. Learn more

The Boeing Company and IIT Bombay will host “India’s Time to Fly,” the year’s premier global summit on aerospace innovation. Bringing together stakeholders from government, industry and academia, this daylong program will focus on India’s leadership in the second century of aviation, the game-changing ideas that are redefining the future of aerospace, and branch out to examine the transformative nature of new technology in space, aviation and defense. Learn more

The Atlantic, in partnership with The Aspen Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies, will once again convene preeminent mayors, urban scholars, architects, city leaders and innovators to address problems facing metropolitan areas. CityLab – the groundbreaking summit named Best Conference at the 2015 Folio FAME Awards-will feature presentations, field trips, tutorials and roundtable conversations among these leading minds to advance the bold, scalable ideas and solutions they are using to transform metro centers around the world.

This year, CityLab is heading to London-a locale booming with breakthrough ideas in both the public and private sectors. Building on the foundations established in New York City and Los Angeles, this year’s event will explore income inequality, safety, mobility, infrastructure and other dynamics of modern metropolises to create more livable and sustainable cities. Learn more

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