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By November 17, 2014Industry News
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How do we close the LGBT health gap?

Can Silicon Valley’s inclusion economy beat inequality?

Are we in a new energy renaissance?
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The Hastings Center hosts a symposium on LGBT Health and Human Rights: New Ideas for Dynamic Times. Cultural attitudes toward same-sex marriage are changing dramatically, but still LGBT persons experience staggering health burdens and human rights violations. What are the best ways to close the health disparities gap for LGBT persons? Have the most cogent arguments for LGBT rights been advanced? If not, what are stronger arguments?

Award-winning author Andrew Solomon and psychiatrist-bioethicist Tia Powell will explore these questions. Watch November 17

Local opinion leaders and politicos will explore questions about minority economic empowerment and financial inclusion, such as: How can the country close its widening wealth gap? What investments and innovations are working to move the country’s underserved populations into the financial mainstream? And what lessons can be learned from recent demographic developments in San Francisco? Watch November 18

There is an “energy renaissance” underway, thanks in part to a variety of innovative technologies. These advances mean the U.S. will be able to meet all its own energy needs by 2035, if not sooner. What does the new energy boom mean for sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives? How will consistency in power distribution be guaranteed as the grid shifts from fossil fuels to renewables? And what role will Washington play in encouraging innovations and technology to drive both the boom as well as sustainability efforts? Watch November 20


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