This Week on Amazon vs. Book Publishers – Who’s Right?

By January 12, 2015Industry News
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Is Amazon a monopoly?

Will e-books make us dumber?

Is self-publishing better for writers?

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In late 2014, Amazon and the publishing house Hachette settled a months-long dispute over who should set the price for e-books. In Amazon’s view, lower prices mean more sales and more readers, and that benefits everyone. But for publishers, the price of an e-book must reflect the investment made, from the author’s advance to a book’s production. The conflict, resolved for now, has only raised more questions about the value of books, Amazon’s business practices, and the role of publishers.

Is book publishing an oligopoly, a dinosaur in need of disruption? Is Amazon, which accounts for 41% of all new book and 67% of all e-book sales, a monopoly? Who is doing right by readers and the future of books? Watch January 15

Arguing for the motion:

  • Matthew Yglesias, Executive Editor, Vox
  • Joe Konrath, Author & Self-Publishing Pioneer

Arguing against the motion:

  • Franklin Foer, Former Editor, The New Republic
  • Scott Turow, Attorney & Author

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