Generate revenue from your video investment. We will work with you to develop a strategy for video monetization, such as selling sponsorships, offering pay-per-view, conducting lead generation and more.

Video Sponsorship

Adding online video opportunities to your sponsorship benefits package helps both your event and your sponsors. Connect sponsor messaging to online audiences — on your event site, your sponsors’ web sites, on, and on social media – wherever they are.

Extend the value, reach and shelf-life of sponsorships beyond the event date by offering long-term brand engagement. Engage your event’s audience with online touchpoints like white paper downloads, social media activations, display campaigns, and custom executions.

Online video offers additional touchpoints, high-impact messaging, lead generation and more. Greatly increasing the value of your event to sponsors and helping you generate additional revenue with higher-priced sponsor packages. Online video sponsorships can be bundled with your existing packages, or offered on a stand-alone basis.

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Event Pass and Single Program Purchases: Our ecommerce system allows you to sell a bundled “conference” pass or “single video” pass from the site, your site, or the sites of your affiliates.

Subscription Options: Use our pay-per-view system to package your content and offer viewers a monthly or annual paid subscription.

Transaction Processing: We use Norton-verified security and make it easy for viewers to purchase pay-per-view video. The system works with credit cards and PayPal, accepting currencies from all over the world.

Tiered Pricing Strategy: We’ll help you create a strategy with early bird and post-event price points to generate pre-event sales.

Comprehensive Discounts:’s coupon system makes it easy to create incentives for viewers to purchase live stream or on-demand video. Discount by dollar amount or percentage, issue a single code for unlimited use or limit the number of times a single code may be used, or even create uniquely generated coupon codes for sponsors.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Player

The patent-pending Point-of-Purchase Player (POP Player) allows you to sell your videos on any of your web pages, and set the price and viewing terms. Your visitors can make pay-per-view purchases of single programs or bundled packages without leaving your site.

Here’s How It Works For Your Visitors:
Visitors come to your website and watch a free preview
2. After the preview, they are prompted to buy the full video program.
3. When visitors click “Buy Now,” a pop-up window appears and they are guided through PayPal’s secure payment process.
4. When visitors complete the transaction, the pop-up window closes and the full video program begins to play in the embedded player.
5. Visitors area emailed a receipt of the transaction and an email from with information on how to view the video on the website if they delete or disable “cookies” in their browser.

Here’s How It Works For You:
1. will send you the specific POP Player embed code for the video programs you would like to sell on your website.
2. You embed the POP Player on any page on your website – that’s it.

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lead generation

Lead Generation

Basic Lead Generation option provides gated access to your video programs. This two-field form requires viewers to provide a contact name and email address in order to watch your videos. We’ll send you regular reports of the viewers who have accessed your gated videos.

Advanced Lead Generation option allows the use of four custom fields to gate your video content. This advanced form requires viewers to complete all four fields in order to watch your videos. We’ll send you regular reports of the viewers who have accessed your gated videos.

Embeddable Lead Generation option allows you to gate access to your video wherever audiences seek to view it. Using’s proprietary technology, you’ll be able to collect leads on your website, on the websites of your sponsors and affiliates, and on Twitter.


Receive revenue share from’s Front Row Membership program. Our subscription service will help to increase sales of your pay-per-view programs during the first 60 days of being on sale and to generate longtail revenue thereafter.

How it works:

  • During the initial 60 days of being available for sale, Front Row members are eligible for a 20% discount. This encourages an especially active portion of the overall viewship to purchase and watch your videos – and additional revenue for you.
  • After the initial 60 day on sale period, members are granted exclusive and unlimited watching of your pay-per-view programs. This extends the value of your videos, providing longtail revenue share – producing views for you.
  • The more views your videos generate, the higher the revenue you’ll earn. Quarterly payments and comprehensive revenue reports provided.
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