Our team will collaborate with you to help execute a video distribution strategy to increase your reach through various platforms.

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Match your video portal to your own brand’s look and feel.

Immersive Video Experiences

Easily create custom, interactive live streaming event sites. We can create a branded portal for you to engage your audience before, during, and after your event. You can archive your videos all year round or simply create a portal for a one-time event, with no need to commit to a long-term hosting platform software.

Your Gallery portal, powered by Brightcove, includes a branded pre-event destination, a live stream event page, and a post-event video archive. Add customizable lead forms, calls-to-action, custom messaging, social sharing buttons, a chat window and a Twitter feed.

Embeddable Players

Displaying your live stream and on demand video in multiple places, blogs and social networks is simple. We offer sophisticated video players that allow you to easily embed your programs on your website and those of your sponsors and affiliates.

Using FORA.tv Flip technology, you never need to refresh again!

Live Stream Player: Embed a live stream player on any web property. Easily switch out any player slate, video or whatever you can think of without having to refresh or replace code.

embeddable player
embeddable player video distribution

Other Embeddable Players

On-Demand Player: Uses smart html5 technology to detect device type and then optimizes video quality based on available bandwidth.

Password Protected Player: Control viewing access to your videos on websites using our password protected player.

Carousel Player: Group together video programs from your event.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Player: Set the price and viewing terms and sell your videos on your website using our secure, easy-to-implement player.

Lead Generation Player: Our custom system gives you invaluable access to prospective clientele unable to attend your event in person.


FORA.tv will collaborate with you before, during and after your event to implement a strategy that connects your video with online communities to generate buzz, amplify your brand and grow your audience.

Promotional video distribution services include:

  • Boost your Moments
  • Sponsorship consultation
  • Social media video strategy
  • Distributing branded video previews on the FORA.tv Network
  • Creating sponsor advertisements, pre-rolls, displays and page skins
  • Dedicated Partner Channel with a branded URL to showcase all your events and video programs (this page can contain feeds from a Twitter hashtag chosen by you, as well as your blog)
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live stream report

Video Analytics

We offer a comprehensive video analytics package to help you understand how your online audience is engaging with your event.

Video Views Tool: Our comprehensive video-views portal provides detailed information for your event such as views per video on FORA.tv and third-party websites, mobile views, syndication views and downloads.

Live Stream Reports: Our detailed analytics include requests, connections, unique views, average minutes viewed, peak concurrent views and geographic information. Using this data, we can measure which session or speaker attracted the largest audience by viewer location and time of day.

Lead Generation

Basic Lead Generation option provides gated access to your video programs. This two-field form requires viewers to provide a contact name and email address in order to watch your videos. We’ll send you regular reports of the viewers who have accessed your gated videos.

Advanced Lead Generation option allows the use of four custom fields to gate your video content. This advanced form requires viewers to complete all four fields in order to watch your videos. We’ll send you regular reports of the viewers who have accessed your gated videos.

Embeddable Lead Generation option allows you to gate access to your video wherever audiences seek to view it. Using FORA.tv’s proprietary technology, you’ll be able to collect leads on your website, on the websites of your sponsors and affiliates, and on Twitter.

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video hosting

Hosting and Transcoding

Hosting, Storage and Bandwidth: When you work with FORA.tv, you’ll enjoy no viewer limits or hidden fees for both live streamed and on demand video – regardless of file size, minutes watched, number of programs or viewers.

Multiple Bitrate Streaming: Optimize the viewing experience for online attendees with FORA.tv’s smart streaming technology. FORA.tv’s adaptive video player automatically determines end user bandwidth and adjusts video quality accordingly for any device – from reduced levels to maximum HD.

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