Our Watch on Twitter feature enables anyone with a Twitter account to watch and share your video – while live streaming or VOD.

WATCH: How to Use Twitter for Video

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Watch on Twitter: How it Works

With our Watch on Twitter feature, a simple tweet containing the URL of the FORA.tv page, where your video is hosted, will place a video player within the Twitter feeds of your followers. You just go to your event video page on FORA.tv, click the Twitter sharing icon, add a custom message if desired, and click the tweet button.

Whether its live or on demand, the video will now play within the Twitter feed. A network effect is achieved when your followers share your video by re-tweeting it to their followers, who re-tweet it to their followers, and so on. Your audience doesn’t need to leave Twitter to enjoy your videos.

Boost Exposure on Twitter

Whether your video is happening live or on demand, our off-site editors can post highlights from your event to Twitter. Our marketing team can craft customized tweets for each separate video, adding appropriate handles and hashtags, sponsor information and more. Using our technology, these posts can be promoted to targeted audiences, boosting the amount of impressions, exposure and engagement your event receives.

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