Using the power of social video, you can boost your event with more impressions, engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

Boost Your Engagement on Social Boost is a new way to drive engagement, amplify events and increase sponsorship value through social video.

Our marketing team watches your event video and chooses engaging moments to cut into short video highlights to post to social media.

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WATCH: Boost

live stream to any channel

Go Live on Social Media

Meet your audience where they are.

Connect with your followers, expand your reach, and interact with viewers in real time on social media.

Go Live on any social media channel or stream to all of them at the same time!

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Watch on Twitter

Our Watch on Twitter feature enables anyone with a Twitter account to watch and share your video.

Whether it’s live or on demand, your followers don’t have to leave Twitter to watch your video.

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watch in twitter

WATCH: Moments Moments

When your event is over what do you want the world to remember?

Choose the Moments that give you goosebumps.

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