We provide a full range of post-production video services from color correction to sizzle reel creation, designed to add valuable context and meaning to video captured from your event.

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Video Editing

Our professional post-production team will manage all aspects of your video as it moves through the post-production process.

Integration of Presentation Slides and Multimedia directly into your video programs to create an engaging online viewing experience.

Video Previews covering significant talking points from each session of your event, which can be teasers of the full sessions or shared on social.

In-Video Branding to recognize sponsors, such as custom messaging slates, digital watermarks, title slates, text overlays and custom graphics.

Sound and Color Correction to enrich your video by achieving coherence in tone and balance, quality continuity, and clarity while correcting for issues like shadows and interference – to make sure your speakers look and sound their best.

Custom Editing

Our skilled video editors will collaborate with you on a variety of custom editing projects, whether it’s incorporating voice-over work, delivering b-roll, or roaming reporter-style editing.

Sizzle Reels: Demonstrate the value of your event to prospective viewers and sponsors by using footage captured at your event. FORA.tv video editors will craft a custom sizzle reel that showcases keynote speakers, event highlights and sponsors.

Special Effects: Whatever the requirements or vision – adding full-motion graphics to enhance visuals or adding voice-overs – we’ll assign you a consultative professional video editor dedicated to producing high-quality video fully suited to your needs.



Our video editors will work with you to create sophisticated screencasts that fit your script, storyboard and messaging.

Software Demonstrations: We can help you pique the interest of your target audience by creating an engaging and well-polished screencast that demonstrates your product’s features and benefits.

Training Tutorials: Screencasts are excellent tools for successful employee and user training. Our professional editors will consult with you to develop a comprehensive screencast suited to your audience.

Lectures and Presentations: If you are capturing audio from your presentations, we can integrate it with visual media to create informative screencasts accessible online to a broad audience anytime.

Video Presentation

In addition to creating a branded page for your event, FORA.tv editors will add program titles and descriptions, speaker biographies, links, in-video logos and branding slates, transcripts and more.

Partner Channel: We will build a dedicated partner channel that incorporates your branding, showcases your video by title and by event, and displays real-time feeds from your Twitter hashtag and blog.

Live DVR Functionality: When viewers arrive late to live streams, FORA.tv’s video player with live DVR functionality allows them to quickly catch up on missed sessions and watch earlier speakers simply by clicking the rewind button.

DVD-Style Chaptering: Chaptering your video into smaller segments around key talking points helps viewers quickly find the part of each session that interests them most.

Enriched Video Viewing: Add program titles, program descriptions, speaker biographies, supplemental links, in-video logos and branding slates to your programs to give depth and texture to your video.

Synchronized Transcripts: Supplementing your videos with transcripts that synchronize text to video and audio improves the ability for users to search keywords and follow along with your video proceedings.

Multilingual Translation: FORA.tv video editors will provide language translation services for live and on-demand video of your event.

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