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Intelligence Squared’s Next-Level Strategy

Intelligence Squared U.S. puts on provocative debates fueled by deep-thinking and meaningful interactions. Sometimes fast-paced arguments spark outbursts and insights valuable to viewers and the brand long after the debates are over.

Intelligence Squared already uses a wide range of multimedia tools to catch the action—event hashtags, online polls, and social Q&A. They wanted to bring it all together and explore the staying-power of viral video.’s Boost built momentum for Intelligence Squared and helped them take full advantage of great content. Fast, smart, and effective, our team raced out realtime, best-of highlights that got live stream viewers invested. With on-demand video, audiences could relive and share ground-shaking and surprising ideas, keeping the debate going.

Boost captures these goosebump moments, high energy and high benefit, web sensations waiting to happen.’s Boost gained over 40,000 engagements
for Intelligence Squared.

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