We have been professionally live streaming events since 2006.
From concerts in San Francisco to galas in Paris, we have done it all.

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Red Carpet Events

If you’re having a red carpet gathering, reception or pre-party before your main event, it’s important to make sure your digital audience gets to be a part of the action. With FORA.tv’s technology, you can even create an immersive experience using the power of 360 video.

If you have a function before your main event, live streaming makes it possible for your viewers at home to feel as if they are at the party. This sets the stage for an online conversation, which can increase buzz and engagement around your event, as well as your brand, while your event is happening.

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Festivals or Summits

If you’re hosting a festival or summit, don’t let the size of our venue restrict you from reaching a larger audience. Increase press around the event by allowing remote attendance from anywhere.

In addition, increase value for sponsors by allowing online video sponsorships for longer lasting branding. You can also grow revenue by enabling pay-per-view for live or on-demand video.

Runway Fashion Shows

If you’re a designer, live streaming your runway show is a terrific way to get desired audiences aware and excited about your brand, regardless of where you choose to host your runway show.

Will your event have behind-the-scenes action? Incorporating B-roll or green room interviews from backstage will increase excitement and visibility for your show even more.


Sporting Events

Live streaming a sporting event allows your remote fans to witness every throw, kick and foul during the fast-paced action of the game.

We have the technology needed to incorporate all elements of a sporting event into one live stream including scoreboard syncing via Wirecast, team roster and stats graphics, real-time commentary and more.

Debates or Lectures

Live streaming your debate or lecture lets anyone join the discussion as it happens. This sets the stage for an online conversation, which can increase engagement around your event.

Boost participation and membership with real time Q&A, commentary, polls and voting. Or use FORA.tv’s team to post social media moments, as they happen, for you.

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