Whether you need secure live streaming for internal team communications or you want to live stream a multi-day conference at scale – we have you covered in any global market.

Live Video Conferencing

Whether it’s scientists collaborating from remote research institutions via satellite or several speakers in different cities participating in a panel discussion, we have the expertise to connect your audience.

Use multi-location interaction to engage remote speakers, in-house attendees and online audiences around the world. FORA.tv’s video conferencing solutions enable custom “many-to-many” communication.

Conquer distance and time zone differences with real-time interactivity by incorporating audio, video and social media interactions.

video conferencing

Corporate Communications

Increase loyalty and excite customers with video at your User Summit. FORA.tv’s multi-camera live streaming video production packages are excellent options for capturing user summit proceedings.

Reduce expenses associated with travel and encourage collaborative dialogue by live streaming sales gatherings. FORA.tv’s secure streaming services save time and money, making your team more efficient.

Engage employees in town hall meetings and allow team members to share ideas, concerns, and collaborate in real-time – no matter where they are located.

Announcements or Product Launches

Whether your announcement is company-wide or to a small internal team, FORA.tv’s streaming service is private and secure.

Save time and money by live streaming important CEO announcements or launch a new product to workforces in various locations.

Compatible with all interfaces, online meeting programs, and videoconferencing applications – or we can provide a platform for you.


Seminars or Training

Educate remote team members by live streaming seminars and training classes. Develop employees while eliminating the challenges of being away from the office or having to rent a venue.

Make your team more knowledgeable about products or services by conducting live demonstrations. Stay in control of your content by having the option to track attendance or requiring passwords.

Create content to re-purpose for future training initiatives, as a recruitment tool and/or marketing your business.

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