Our event services team can fulfill your non-video requirements with lighting, staging and comprehensive audiovisual offerings.


Professional Lighting

Capture your event in its best possible light. Lighting is a marker of quality that can quickly distinguish a hackneyed home-video effort from a visually appealing professional production. We know that quality lighting is a fundamental (and often overlooked) prerequisite for producing high quality video.

Without the right lighting, video may appear grainy or out of focus. Whether your event is a spot-lit keynote speech in a cavernous university auditorium, or a soft-focus fireside chat in a cozy office – our team will size up the needs of your venue and determine the proper lighting equipment and light source placement to best illuminate your speakers, direct viewer gaze, balance color, and create depth.

Custom Staging

“Setting the stage” is critical to the success of any event. Functional staging elements like raised platforms and stairs, as well as decorative elements like furniture and signage, distinguish your event from the everyday and make it momentous. Used as a framing device, staging assigns roles and manages interactivity, focuses attention and shapes the finished video product of your event.

Events that broadcast to a web audience require additional staging considerations, such as “How to translate a sense of presence through the camera lens?” Whatever the desired style, mood or message of your event, we’ll work with you and the venue to actively engage online viewers as participants in your event.

Event Services staging

High-Quality Audio

Ensuring high-quality audio is critical to producing the best possible video of your event. Our in-house audiophiles will properly equip your production to deliver a polished, professional video product that sounds as great as it looks.

We’ll assess the audio environment of your venue and then provide supplementary audio equipment as needed—from amplifiers and auxiliary microphones to external hi-res audio recorders and field mixers. When your event goes live, our production team will deploy advanced audio capture and processing techniques for optimal sound reinforcement, noise floor reduction and flawless audio to video synchronization.

Confidence Monitors

We can help your speakers stay on point and in sequence during important keynote speeches and presentations. With the support of a confidence monitor—a strategically placed, speaker-facing monitor displaying presentation notes and/or live, switched video feed of presentation slides or other projected visual media—speakers can confidently engage their audiences and pace their presentations without having to check a screen behind them.

confidence monitors

Image Magnification

Whether you’re working with spatial constraints at a venue or looking to accommodate an overflow crowd, image magnification (iMag) offers a creative solution to display video of your conference, event or meeting. We’ll work according to your needs and budget to produce elegant, large-scale video projections for audiences in registration areas, breakout lounges and seating area far from the main stage.

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