You’ve done the job or organizing your event, having it filmed and edited, and now you’re ready to promote and market your brand on the internet. As more and more consumers are shifting to the internet as their means of research on products and brands, a new type of marketing has emerged – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For example, when a google search is run for the term “Ananth Pai”, we find that is the number one result on google:

Here, SEO has been effective for promoting the video “Ananth Pai: Gamifying the Classroom”

Ananth Pai: Gamifying the Classroom from Gamification Co on

In summary, SEO optimizes your content (whether text or video) to better position it in search engine results, which has the potential to drive more traffic to your website. Traditionally, SEO was applied to entire websites themselves in an effort to make websites stand out from the masses, but recently the same approaches have been applied to online video as well. How might this benefit your brand? Here are three ways:

  1. Improving Conversions: Your video highlights are critical in helping improve conversions. Snippets of your event can go a long way in piquing your audience’s curiosity, distinguishing your website from those with no video highlights or thumbnails, making searchers more likely to click through to your website.
  2. Increasing Brand Awareness: Your video also functions as promotional content, and exposure to multiple platforms and audiences can expand your brand’s reach to large websites (Hulu, YouTube) with large, diverse audiences, in addition to your own website.
  3. Driving Links and Social Media : Any successful video SEO strategy must consider the residual benefits of distributing and optimizing your content for multiple platforms. Videos give you and your audience an efficient way to spread and share your brand’s content instantly and globally, and combined with the two benefits above, lead to more traffic and more potential sales.

Now that we’ve identified three potential goals for combining video and SEO, let’s see how the technical nuances of SEO can maximize effectiveness.

An advantage of using video content is that people using search engines like google are more likely to pay attention to video thumbnails when running a targeted search for your content, which can differentiate your content from the more generic, authoritative results that often dominate the front pages of a google search.

Another approach is to consider hosted video. When your content is hosted on a third party site such as YouTube or, your videos will enjoy the benefit of targeted SEO.

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