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By October 24, 2014Blog Post

The other night, a capacity crowd of 449 people sat up straight in their seats as economist Scott Winship declared, “It’s a leap to say that limited [upward] mobility is because of income inequality, or because income inequality has risen!”

And earlier this month, VICE’s Shane Smith was onstage with David Carr of the New York Times, Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed, Kara Swisher of re/code when, before a packed house of 714 attendees, he quipped, “Mainstream media comes to you and says we can’t figure this out so we want to buy you.”

These were thrilling moments for those 1,163 people lucky enough to be at the Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate: Income Inequality Impairs the American Dream of Upward Mobility and the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, respectively. However, thousands more people watched online.

With help from’s “Watch on Twitter” feature which integrates video with Twitter and, video highlights were excerpted from the live stream in progress — in realtime, and made available instantly for on demand viewing. The result: These video excerpts reached an online audience exponentially larger than that at the actual event. These instant highlights were tweeted and made available for watching and retweeting on Twitter from follower to follower to follower.

Call it many-to-many sharing. Follow us on Twitter to see the power of online video first-hand. Thanks!

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