Distribution & Players

Distribute your video on a custom built event site, across social channels, and on your web pages.

Immersive Event Site: FORA.tv Gallery

  • Create custom, branded, interactive video experiences.
  • Host your videos all year round on an archive.
  • Or simply create a portal for a one-time event.
  • Engage your audience in every stage with pre, during, and post event pages.
  • Add lead forms, call-to-actions and a chat window. 
  • Includes social sharing buttons and a Twitter feed.

Match your video portal to your own brand’s look and feel.

Embed Your Video Anywhere

Sophisticated Video Players

  • Embed a live stream player on any web property.
  • Password protect your videos.
  • Pay-per-view: add a paywall to monetize videos.
  • Add customizable lead generation forms. 

Propriety Player Infrastructure: FORA.tv Flip​

  • Content within our player can be changed and your viewer will never need to refresh.
  • Switch from live to on-demand without having to update embed code.
  • Stream content from multiple rooms.

Live stream video to 30+ platforms simultaneously: FORA.tv Blast

  • Live stream across multiple social media platforms.
  • We can stream to any channel you choose.
  • Exponentially increase the reach of your event.

Cellular Bonded Hotspot: FORA.tv Netsafe

  • Combines bandwidth of cellular data with the venue’s internet connection
  • Provides more stability 
  • Acts as backup
  • Ensures quality of a stream in locations that might not have a steady connection
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