This Week on Justice Stephen Breyer, Title IX, and More

By September 13, 2015Industry News

How will patient data impact healthcare and privacy?
Who should decide campus sexual assault cases: colleges or courts?
Does foreign law influence the Supreme Court?

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In an age primed for personalization, our current health care system is undergoing changes that could redefine the role of patient data. While crucial for research and development, data can also help to provide more precise, safe and customized patient care.The Atlantic will bring health care experts, analysts, and federal government representatives together to assess topics like protecting patient privacy, how data can facilitate patients’ ability to access and share their own health information and data’s impact on care delivery. Learn more

High-profile cases have recently put campus sexual assault in the spotlight. One question that has repeatedly come up: why are these cases being handled by campuses at all? Title IX requires that every school receiving federal aid must take concrete steps to deal with hostile environments and sexual assault. This leaves colleges and universities with the task of figuring out what policies and procedures to enforce. Proponents say that campus investigations serve a real need, forcing schools to respond to violence and protecting the interests of victims in ways that the criminal justice system may fail. Can schools provide due process for defendants and adequate justice for victims, or do these cases belong in the courts? Learn more

Join Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer for a special Constitution Day appearance as he unveils his newly released book, The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities – a fascinating account examining the work of the Supreme Court in an increasingly interconnected world. Justice Breyer will also discuss American law as it applies to commerce, copyright, human rights, treaty obligations and securities fraud abroad. Learn more

Modern tomatoes lack the intense flavor of heirloom, grown-in-your-back-yard varieties. What exactly is “tomato flavor”? Where did it go and what can we do about it? We believe that better flavor leads directly to better, healthier food choices. So we have systematically taken apart the chemistry and genetics of flavor in order to understand and restore it to its former glory. Along the way we’ve learned some amazing things about the way we taste and smell that have major implications for foods. Learn more

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