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By October 7, 2014Industry News

Wondering whether you should live stream your upcoming conference or event? Trying to choose between a single-camera and multi-camera video production? Or, how about getting video of conference ready to watch and share on Twitter?

Our Video Services site holds the answers to those questions and more. Recently, we redesigned our site, adding features and improvements to help conference and event organizers develop an online video strategy. We’ve implemented a new layout, developed easier to use navigation, and above all, integrated our blog and added informational videos.

Behind these changes is a desire to share our video production expertise. was founded in 2006 and very few organizations can claim nearly a decade’s worth of online video experience with deep, deep knowledge of production, distribution and monetization.

Central to this knowledge sharing effort will be the creation of videos and whitepapers. As we build this specialized library, we’re publishing videos in relevant sections across the Video Services site. For instance, visit click on the PRODUCE>LIVE STREAMING tab, to watch a video entitled, Why You Should Live Stream Your Event.


Screenshot 2014-10-07 14.13.14

The video compares audience size for high-profile events with their online reach:  A recent Intelligence Squared U.S. debate had 450 people in attendance, with more than 40,000 people watching online. Wired Business Conference had 375 people in attendance with more than 160,000 watching online.  Needless to say these numbers speak for themselves.

Or if you’re interested in the benefits of multi-camera video production, visit PRODUCE>VIDEOGRAPHY ad watch the video entitled, Single Camera vs Multi-Camera. The video seeks to explain how a single camera production is well-suited for events with a single speaker delivering a presentation, while a multi-camera approach is ideal for events with several speakers and onstage action.


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Another notable change is the integration of our @FORAtvServices twitter feed to the site. We’ll be tweeting about news and developments in online video for conference and event organizers.

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We invite you to follow us — and send us a tweet about these recent improvements or suggesting topics for future videos.


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