MAPS, Opus You, and The Global Commission on Drug Policy use for Production Services

By April 15, 2016Press Release

San Francisco — Three organizations— MAPS, Opus You, and The Global Commission on Drug Policy—have recently selected to manage a range of production services.

MAPS, which stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is celebrating 30 years of research and education that have allowed people to benefit from combining therapy with psychedelics and marijuana. MAPS turned to to live stream the event to their remote audience. With the implementation of a clickable donate button on the live stream via Brightcove technology, MAPS hopes to raise $400,000.

The structured, interactive, musical resource platform Opus You chose to facilitate a live stream that will feature four musical performances at their offices in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Opus You wanted to live stream the event to help spread awareness of their interactive and innovative music education services.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy, GCDP, is hosting a press conference to evaluate the advances discussed during UNGASS, a special session about drug policy reform in 2016. GCDP wanted a convenient way for journalists, civil society organizations, and interested individuals to be a part of the conversation and chose to live stream the event using’s technology.

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