This Week on Alan Dershowitz and Peter Beinart on the Iran Deal

By September 2, 2015Industry News
The Iran Deal

Does the Iran deal make Israel safer?

Will a nuclear agreement divide the Jewish community?

Can we trust Iran with nuclear capabilities?

While Congress considers the pending nuclear agreement with Iran, there has been a lot of heated rhetoric on both sides-but a much deeper discussion happening in the Jewish community about what the deal would mean for the U.S. and for Israel.

Alan Dershowitz and Peter Beinart have emerged as leading voices on the two sides of the issue, and have worked together in the past to discuss a range of topics affecting U.S.-Israel policy and diplomacy. Dershowitz is a well-known jurist, author and scholar on constitutional law. Beinart is an author, associate professor of journalism and political science at City University of New York, and a contributing editor at The Atlantic.

Now they’re working together on this series of community discussions to give the Jewish community an opportunity to learn more about the agreement, ask key questions, and take part in an open and thoughtful discussion about the facts and the implications. Watch the live stream

The Iran Deal

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