Conference and Live Event Horror Stories: Halloween Edition

By October 31, 2014Industry News

Before the day of a conference, organizers spend countless hours planning and preparing every last detail in hopes the event will go off without a hitch. Sadly, there are some factors out of anyone’s control, like unexpected interruptions and headaches. In honor of Halloween, we’ll share some of the “horror stories” that commonly happen in the conference and event industry.

Sound the alarm!
You’ve picked the venue and figured out the logistics. You have a great keynotes lined up and you’re feeling confident. The attendees are seated, the speaker is getting ready to deliver his or her speech, and the cameras are ready to roll. Then, the fire alarm goes off! Likely–hopefully!–it’s just a test and not a real emergency, but it’s still shocking. Unexpected noise pollution–from police sirens on the street  to a hot mic off-stage–can be a buzzkill.  (Source: Modern Media)

Thank you for coming to see…no one
Something’s just come up! A reoccurring nightmare for organizers is having a speaker or panelist back out at the last minute. For whatever reason the speaker turns into a no-show—flight delay, miscommunication, sick grandma–it could turn an event upside down.  (Source: Attendly)

The haunted inbox
It’s standard for organizers to send out follow-up  emails after an event asking attendees what they liked or didn’t like and giving responders the opportunity to share what they would have done differently. However, if organizers ask not once, not twice, but four or more times, it can turn from meaningful outreach into annoying spam. (Source: Event Manager Blog)

Who let the dogs out?
If you happen to be hosting a webinar, a common mishap is technical malfunctions. However, there can be other, more outrageous, setbacks. If you’re listening in the online audience, it’s best to make sure you’re microphone is on mute–just in case! It could end up another case of noise nuisance: In one case, a webinar was interrupted by a dog barking and the “colorful” yelling of the dog owner. (Source: Marketing Profs)

Next week, we’ll share tips on how you can avoid these mishaps and frustrations.

Happy Halloween!

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