Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help you better understand our services, processes and technical specifications. Still have a question? Please contact us.

To get started, contact us to discuss your project and its requirements. We can provide anything from the entire production and live stream of an event or we can dovetail into existing vendors and provide à la carte services.

For large events, a dedicated, wired internet upload speed of 10Mbps is required. Remember, if the bandwidth is shared, stream stability may be compromised.

Yes, you can live stream your event on our channels in addition to your own.

Yes, we have a video player that allows our partners to request contact information. Our basic lead generation player has two form fields (name and email). Our advanced lead generation player has four form fields (customizable).

$5,000 is a good starting point for an average full day live stream with real-time graphic integration and onsite management. Every project’s requirements are different, so contact us today to receive a custom quote based on your unique needs.

Yes, we provide services for events globally. We’ve recently provided services for events in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and United Kingdom. (Our main offices are in San Francisco and New York.)

Absolutely. We can provide a single password for all your videos or provide multiple unique passwords for each attendee or online viewer.

Yes, we can stream on your site,, sponsors’ sites, affiliates’ sites, social media pages or all of the above at the same time.

Yes, we offer lighting, staging and audio services in addition to many non-video offerings such as IMAG or confidence monitors.

Yes, we can stream to your YouTube channel, your Facebook Page, and/or Periscope. We can also transcode and upload your videos for on-demand viewing on your social channels.

No, but we can facilitate Internet access service. Contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.

Yes, we can deliver full-resolution files of your event video.

Yes, we can live stream with password protection, gated access, or by ip address.

We provide everything you need to sell a video sponsorship, but we don’t sell the sponsorship for you.

You do. We do not share in the copyright and intellectual property ownership of your video.

No, speaker and media release forms are your responsibility as the event organizer. If we receive any take-down requests from speakers, we will forward them to you to determine an appropriate course of action.

Yes, we capture your video in HD format and transcode the footage at the highest possible bit-rate for optimal online viewing.

Every production is different, but with multi-camera events we prefer to set up as far in advance of the live production as possible.

Site visits are covered by the set-up and testing fee.

We have several layers of redundancy in place to mitigate the risk of errors. However, when mistakes happen, we can be counted on to be responsive and proactive to get your video online as quickly as possible.

Although we are not integrated with Eventbrite, many of our partners sell live or on-demand access to their events via Eventbrite. will then issue a code to the purchasers for viewing access.

It depends on the requirements of the event. We prefer to have all paperwork finalized 12 weeks from an event start date for ample planning time and to ensure the highest quality service.

Our embeddable video players adapt to serve video on multiple devices, regardless of operating system or device type. The default player skin is responsive and will automatically resize to fit changing web layouts, while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video.

Yes, we have the expertise to manage most projects that involve video. Contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.

Yes, we provide many creative services that can complement your event.

We can provide co-marketing services such as promotional campaigns through Boost.

We also provide social media video, social campaigns marketing, graphics creation, post-production, custom editing, video distribution, custom portal pages, lighting, staging – pretty much anything related to live events or video.

We provide a web-ready, on demand version shortly after streaming ends. Upon request, we can provide you with full resolution archive copies of your media files via hard drive or download link.

Yes, we are partnered with many production companies and agencies to supplement their services including live stream management, co-marketing, video distribution and video monetization.

Yes, we can stream in multiple languages and provide closed captioning or transcriptions in a variety of languages.

We have the capability to facilitate transactions in multiple currencies.

Yes, we can add hotspots, links, polls, overlays, chapters, calls to action, choose-your-own-adventure, shopping carts, downloadable PDFs and more to your video.

Yes. We do not accept content that is unlawful, obscene, harmful, threatening, harassing or hateful, or that contains objects or symbols of hate, invades the privacy of any third party, contains nudity (including without limitation any pornography, erotica, child pornography or child erotica), is deceptive, threatening, abusive, inciting of unlawful action, defamatory, libelous, vulgar or violent, or constitutes hate speech, or is otherwise objectionable in the opinion of

What options do I have to monetize video content?

We can guarantee impressions fulfillment, social media activations, display campaigns, pay-per-view, subscription options, transaction processing and add value with additional touchpoints high impact messaging.

It’s very easy. The POP Player operates like any standard embeddable player you now host on your site. There is no additional integration required.

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