What’s the Ideal Length for Online Video?

By October 2, 2014Blog Post
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Technology is shrinking and so is the average attention span
At this year’s NewCo San Francisco, a mash-up of an open studio tour and a business conference, FORA.tv’s CEO Blaise Zerega described some of the exciting trends in online video: deep branding, going viral, and instant sharing. One of the big questions organizers will ask over an over, he said, was: What’s the ideal length of an online video? Do shorter videos get the most views?

“It’s like saying what’s the ideal length for a poem, a letter, or a movie,” Blaise said. “We know shorter generates more views, but it can’t be so short it lacks substance.”

The power of going micro: Blaise’s original talk at NewCo was over 30 minutes. Here’s a one minute excerpt.

On Medium–What’s the Ideal Length for Online Video?Blaise writes that our attention spans have followed the evolution of our devices: films  (90 minutes), TV sitcoms  ( 22 minutes), and TED talks  (18 minutes). It looks like mobile video, quick-editing with SnappyTV, and apps like Vine (6 seconds!) are redefining length again. On the flip side, connected TVs and the binge-watching phenomenon are proving there’s still real value in the lean-back experience.

Blaise’s simple answer? Make every minute matter.

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