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By October 6, 2014Industry News
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What does Sherlock Holmes have to do with Tuberculosis?

Is NSA data-mining unconstitutional?

Will nuclear energy save Detroit?

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Vibrant startup communities are emerging and gaining momentum in the heartland. The Atlantic tells the stories of the intrepid entrepreneurs and the exciting companies revolution sweeping America with Rise of the Rest. Featuring a pitch competition with local startups and interviews with Seth Goldman, president of Honest Tea, and the co-founders of Gener8tor. Watch October 6

What do your elected officials and state leaders believe is in our country’s energy future–and what’s in store for Michigan?  How will they create policies that recognize the energy industry’s importance in determining the health of Michigan’s manufacturing economy–and its environment? Join the Atlantic for An American Town Hall: Detroit. Watch October 7


Ten Minneapolis start-ups will compete for a $100,000 investment from AOL’s co-founder Steve Case and a chance to go all the way to the 2015 SXSW Startup Village in Austin, Texas. Local entrepreneurs Steve Bock, CEO of Sinola, Coco Co-founder Kyle Coolbroth, and  Jacquie Berglund, Founder of FINNEGANS Inc  will talk up the startup revolution. Watch October 7

Some say that indiscriminate collection of U.S. phone records is a gross invasion of privacy. Others say that it is necessary to keep us safe. Is collection of phone records a “search” or “seizure”? If so, is it “unreasonable”? Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates presents Mass Collection of U.S. Phone Records Violates the Fourth Amendment.

Alex Abdo, staff attorney with the ACLU, and Elizabeth Wydra, Chief Counsel for the Constitutional Accountability Center, will argue for the motion; Stewart Baker, Former General Counsel at the NSA, and UC Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo will argue against. Watch October 7

Join the California Academy of Sciences and Thomas Goetz, author of The Remedy and former executive editor of Wired magazine, for a riveting look at tuberculosis, the world’s most lethal disease. Goetz will discuss the history of this 19th century “death sentence;” how two doctors’ unprecedented research led to our understanding of germs as transmitters of disease; and our quest to control the spread of such diseases in the 130-plus years since.Watch October 8

The Atlantic takes Rise of the Rest, the high-stakes start-up competition, to St. Louis, to celebrate and accelerate American entrepreneurship. Featuring interviews with Square co-founder Jim McKelvey and Holden Thorp, provost and professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Watch October 10

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