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By October 13, 2014Industry News
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What’s more important: wealth or well-being?

Is medical knowledge a curse?

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For many people, wealth is not a goal, but a means to effect positive change in the world.  Join the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to discuss how innovations in philanthropy are helping donors make a deeper impact on the causes they care about during their lifetimes.

The panel will feature philanthropists who have taken the “Giving Pledge,” a commitment to give away the majority of their wealth during their lifetimes: Lorry I. Lokey, founder of Business Wire, John Sobrato, a trustee at The Sobrato Family Foundation, and Kat Taylor, Co-Founder of the Beneficial State Bank. Watch October 13

FORA.tvThe Atlantic presents The Diagnosis Debate: What Is the Value in Knowing? Technological advancements in medicine enable us to detect diseases earlier and with greater precision than ever before-and to treat diseases with a growing arsenal of methods in the hopes of extending and/or improving quality of patients’ lives.

However, for some medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and lung cancer, access to-and payment for-diagnostics is controversial. Atlantic‘s conversation will explore how best to approach diagnostic testing, from whether patients have a right to know their conditions to how we can craft a payment and insurance system that best incentivizes the accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of patients. Watch October 15

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