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Bob Appel

President, Director of Production Services

Like so many record executives, Bob’s entree into the music business was driven by the decision to quit performing and jump into the business side of the industry. He went from guitar riffing to principal of the New York City club, The Knitting Factory, to doing A & R for Windham Hill, to Vice President of A & R and Creative Services at Six Degrees Records in San Francisco. Aside from signing acts and producing records, Bob spearheaded the digital music sales efforts at Six Degrees, driving production, content creation, website construction and e-commerce systems, as well as partnerships with digital distributors such as iTunes, Emusic, and Ioda. Bob’s passion for global issues, digital media, and classic-rock lyrics, made him a perfect fit as a member of the founding team.

Andrew Edwards

Vice President, Director of Sales & Marketing

Andrew is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Dreams drive his ambition and these dreams have taken him from the small town of Wilderness in South Africa, to the heart of San Francisco. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from Stellenbosch University, spent a semester studying at West Virginia University, and has worked in various industries including Aerospace and Defense, Medical and Skin Care, Finance, Education, Retail, Digital Publishing and New Media. When he is not working, you’ll probably find him watching the South African cricket team with his dachshund, Rolo.


Kristina McGovern

Vice President, Director of Finance & Operations

Kristina is a former Fine Arts major who discovered she had an aptitude for numbers while working part-time at a CPA firm in college. She has a liberal arts education supplemented with accounting coursework from Golden Gate University. Over the last 20 years, Kristina has gained a full spectrum of finance and accounting knowledge by working in many different business environments, both for-profit and non-profit. Her specialty is reporting and analysis - which allows her to put a creative spin on accounting - and she has a photographic memory for numbers. She likes to work for organizations that are doing something meaningful in the world. Kristina is a Bay Area native who loves living in Northern California and enjoys hiking and biking in her free time.

jon lee

Jon Lee

Client Relations Manager

Jon has worked in the digital world since 2001. He has managed projects and developed on-line strategies for Genentech, General Motors, Williams-Sonoma, and HP - just to name a few. He is a master at multi-tasking between client projects, which is fueled by the constant knocking down of espressos (he has a machine sitting on his desk). When not working or dealing with family activities, he prefers spending time at The Sea Ranch located along the Pacific Coast. Jon has a B.S. in Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.

michelle salta

Michelle Salta

Manager for Client Services

Michelle has always been omnivorous in her interests; but the common thread of her career has been an abiding passion for communication, and in finding creative solutions to business challenges. She got her start as a TV host, writer and producer in the Philippines. Upon moving to the US in 2003, she worked for a variety of technology and retail companies in marketing, sales, video and digital production, and business consultancy. is a perfect setting to use the experience gained from 15 years of professional multipotentiality. Michelle spends her off time with her family, and will gladly do anything that involves music, food, fantasy novels or mixed martial arts.

Michael Adrian

Director of Post Production

Michael directs the Post Production side of, managing a top-notch team of video editors. His background has roots in the Silicon Valley, born and raised in the shadow of some well-known Cupertino tech companies. Education took him through De Anza College, UC Santa Barbara, a year studying abroad in the University of Bologna, resulting in a degree in film studies. After a brief sojourn in the wine retail business, Michael joined in 2007. He still maintains a healthy interest in our local viticulture and what would probably be considered an unhealthy interest in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jaclyn Martinez

Marketing Manager

Jaclyn graduated from Cal State East Bay with an MBA and concentration in Marketing. She has also studied at Florida International and Cal State Los Angeles. Jaclyn has worked in various industries including Hospitality, Facilities, Retail and Transportation. Hailing from the Bay Area, she brings years of experience in diverse marketing roles and has a passion for continually learning. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, football, traveling the world and volunteering at her local animal shelter.

Lundin Cahill

Senior Systems Engineer

A computer wizard with a background in computer security and maintaining systems. When not working or playing on computers, he maintains his vintage Mercedes cars and is a non-referee official for banked track roller derby.


Christopher Williford

Live Stream Engineer

Christopher is a Live Stream Engineer and Gear Wrangler for Born and raised in the Bay Area, Christopher loves attending all kinds of events from concerts to gaming events around California. Wanting to be a part of the liveliness of these events and share them with people all over the world, Christopher took up live streaming. So no matter where someone was, they could join in the experience. When not on the road for work, Christopher travels for leisure and loves taking in new sights, meeting new people, and trying new cuisine.

will hearst

William R. Hearst

Partner, Primary Investor

Will is a private venture investor with an interest in the application of technology to the media sector. Will has served on the board of trustees of the Hearst Foundation since 1993. In 2003, he was named President of the Foundation. He is an active trustee on several not-for-profit boards, including the California Academy of Sciences, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Friends of Mathematics at Harvard University, San Francisco Film Society, and The Hamlin School. Will was editor and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner from 1984 until 1995. He is a 1972 graduate of Harvard University, holding an AB degree in Mathematics.

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