WATCH: Increase Revenue With Video Sponsorship

We’ll help you to better serve your existing sponsors and attract new ones.

Adding online video opportunities to your sponsorship benefits package helps both your event and your sponsors. Online video offers additional touchpoints, high-impact messaging, lead generation and more, greatly increasing the value of your event to sponsors and helping you generate additional revenue with higher-priced sponsor packages. Online video sponsorships can be bundled with your existing packages, or offered on a stand-alone basis. will work with you and your sponsors to amplify their messages and reach new audiences. Event Video Sponsorships can:

  • Extend the value, reach and shelf-life of sponsorships beyond the event date by offering long-term brand engagement
  • Amplify your sponsors’ messaging to reach passionate audiences defined by interest, not physical location
  • Engage your event’s audience with online touchpoints like white paper downloads and lead generation, Facebook and Twitter activations, pre-roll and display campaigns, and custom executions

With the shift in marketing dollars from traditional formats to digital executions, online video has the power to bring event organizers and the sponsors closer together. Online video connects sponsor messaging to online audiences — on your event site, your sponsors’ web sites, on, and on social media — wherever they interact with your event.


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