The patent-pending Point-of-Purchase Player (POP Player) allows you to use our secure ecommerce system on your website. Your visitors will be able to watch a free video preview and will then be prompted to buy the full video program—all without leaving your site. The POP Player can be embedded on any of your web pages, and you can set the price and viewing terms.

Here’s How It Works For Your Visitors:

Step 1: Visitors come to your website.

Step 2: On your website, visitors watch a free preview.

Step 3: At the end of the preview, visitors are prompted to buy the full video program.

Step 4: When visitors click “Buy Now,” a pop-up window appears and visitors are guided through PayPal’s secure payment process. Visitors can use their existing PayPal account or a credit card as a guest.

Step 5: When visitors complete the transaction, the pop-up window closes and the full video program begins to play in the embedded player. The entire transaction takes 60 to 90 seconds.

Step 6: Visitors receive an email with a receipt of the transaction and an email from with information on how to view the video on the website if they delete or disable “cookies” in their browser. During their viewing period, visitors can return to your web page to watch the full video program or watch the program on

Here’s How It Works For You:

Step 1: will send you the specific POP Player embed code for the video programs you would like to sell on your website. Currently, only single video programs are available for purchase, not full conference passes.

Step 2: You embed the POP Player on any page on your website – that’s it.

Step 3: If visitors have any technical or customer support needs, they can click on the “Support” link on the player, which will direct them to’s comprehensive support services.

Additional FAQs:

What videos can I sell on my site?

Videos must be hosted on and they must have a preview attached to them. The POP Player can sell single video programs or full conferences with multiple programs.

How easy is it to use the POP Player?

It’s very easy. The POP Player operates like any standard embeddable player you now host on your site. There is no additional integration required.

What payment processing engine are you using and is it secure?

We are using PayPal’s secure payment process. Users can purchase a video using their existing PayPal account or pay via credit card as a guest.

If my visitors experience a problem purchasing one of these videos, who should they contact? will handle all the technical and customer support for the POP Player. When users click on the “Support” link below the player, they will be directed to’s customer support services.

If I have more technical questions on how the POP Player works, who should I talk to?

We can send you a technical spec that details exactly how our POP Player works, and if you have further questions, we can schedule a phone call for you with our technical team.

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