Sell pay-per-view access to live streamed and on-demand video of your conference, event or meeting. We’ll provide custom pricing, promotional strategies, secure transaction processing and revenue payments back to you.

Event Pass and Single Program Purchases

Pay-per-view sales offer significant revenue for organizers of conferences, events or meetings. Our flexible ecommerce system allows you to sell a bundled “conference” pass or “single video” pass from the site, your site, or the sites of your sponsors and affiliates.

Subscription Options

Do you produce a regular series of conferences, events or meetings? Use our pay-per-view system to package your content and offer viewers a monthly or annual paid subscription.

Transaction Processing’s ecommerce system features Norton-verified security and offers a fast and easy way for viewers to purchase pay-per-view video. The system works with credit cards and PayPal, accepting local currencies from all over the world.

Tiered Pricing Strategy

Tiered pricing is a proven way to generate pre-event pay-per-view sales. We’ll help you create a strategy with multiple early bird and post-event price points.

Comprehensive Discounts’s coupon system makes it easy to create incentives for viewers to purchase live stream or on-demand video. Whether you want to discount by dollar amount or percentage, issue a single code for unlimited use or limit the number of times a single code may be used, or even create and distribute uniquely generated, exclusive VIP coupon codes for speakers and sponsors, our coupon system offers unprecedented control of coupons to increase your pay-per-view sales.

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