Receive a generous revenue share from’s Front Row Membership program. Our popular subscription service will help to increase sales of your pay-per-view programs during the first 60 days of being on sale and to generate longtail revenue thereafter.

How It Works

The Front Row Membership program provides significant benefits to conference, event and meeting organizers in two key ways:

  • During the initial 60 days of being available for sale, Front Row members are eligible for a 20% discount. This encourages an especially active portion of the overall viewship to purchase and watch your videos.
  • After the initial 60 day on sale period, Front Row members are granted exclusive and unlimited watching of your pay-per-view programs. This extends the value of your videos, providing longtail revenue share – producing views for you.

What You Get

  • Additional revenue from Front Row Members who are incentivized to buy pay-per-view access of your video programs as soon as they’re available.
  • Additional revenue from Front Row Members watching your pay-per-view programs 60 days after they’re available for purchase.
  • The more views your videos generate, the higher the revenue you’ll earn.
    Quarterly payments and comprehensive revenue reports.

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