Boost is a new way to drive engagement, amplify events and increase sponsorship value through social video. Let our marketing experts do the work for you.

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Boost Live and On Demand Video

Our marketing team watches your event video and chooses engaging moments to cut into short video highlights to post to Twitter and Facebook. Each post is added to a campaign targeting users by interest category, geography, keywords, and more, boosting the amount of impressions, exposure, and engagement your content receives.

Amplify Your Sponsor’s Involvement

With Boost, there are multiple ways to elevate your sponsor’s exposure during your event. Each highlight can contain a custom pre-roll video advertisement with sponsor branding or clickable call-to-actions driving viewers to their site. Also, the social copy accompanying each video highlight can contain sponsor related messaging, social media handles, or appropriate hashtags.

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Get Detailed Insights On Who Your Moments Are Reaching

In addition to a comprehensive report with detailed viewing metrics, you’ll receive an Audience Insights Report giving you detailed information about your targeted audience including demographics, lifestyles, and behaviors.

The Atlantic’s City Makers Summit saw an increase of 450x video views garnered by Boost highlights.’s Boost produced big numbers during one of Carnegie Science’s public lectures: 24x views, 18x engagements, 40x impressions.

San Francisco Film Society increased new member acquisition by 400% during its target month with’s Boost.

When your event is over what do you want the world to remember?

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