Our video presentation solutions include a variety of features to frame and enhance the video viewing experience of your conference, event or meeting.

Partner Channel

FORA.tv editors will build a dedicated partner channel that incorporates your branding, showcases your video by title and by event, and displays real-time feeds from your Twitter hashtag and blog. Your partner channel will serve as an easy to navigate hub for video viewing and audience engagement.

Live DVR Functionality

When viewers arrive late to live streams, FORA.tv’s video player with live DVR functionality allows them to quickly catch up on missed sessions and watch earlier speakers simply by clicking the rewind button. Like a digital video recorder (DVR) for cable TV or a Tivo box, this function allows viewers to pause, rewind or fast-forward video from your live conference, event or meeting.

DVD-Style Chaptering

Chaptering your video into smaller segments around key talking points helps viewers quickly find the part of each session that interests them most. Not only does chaptering save valuable time for your audience, it also increases shareability and encourages longer viewing times and deeper engagement.

Enriched Video Viewing

FORA.tv video editors will add program titles, program descriptions, speaker biographies, supplemental links, in-video logos and branding slates to your video programs. These attractive add-ons give depth and texture to your video of your conference, event or meeting, distinguishing your video from that on other video viewing platforms.

Synchronized Transcripts

Supplementing your videos with transcripts that synchronize text to video and audio greatly improves the ability for users to follow along with your video proceedings. The additional feature of searchability allows users to navigate selectively through the information captured in your video by keyword or phrase and jump directly to a specific moment or mention during playback.

Multilingual Translation

FORA.tv video editors will provide language translation services for live and on-demand video of your conference, event or meeting. Our translation services make it easy for you to reach and accommodate your global audience in the language of their choice.

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