Our team of professional video editors will enhance the video captured from your conference, event or meeting by adding context to speaker presentations, creating video previews, integrating sponsor branding and correcting the sound and color of each program.

Integration of Presentation Slides and Multimedia

Speakers often refer directly to PowerPoint slides or other multimedia to support their presentations. FORA.tv video editors will integrate this material directly into your video programs to create an engaging online viewing experience akin to that enjoyed by the in-house audience.

Video Previews

Our video editors are trained to produce previews covering significant talking points from each session of your conference, event or meeting. These video previews can be shared via social media and as teasers for video of the full sessions, increasing views and attracting a larger audience.

In-Video Branding

To recognize sponsors or underwriters, FORA.tv video editors will add branding or custom messaging slates to video from your conference, event or meeting. Typical in-video branding includes digital watermarks, title slates, text overlays and custom graphics.

Sound and Color Correction

FORA.tv video editors meticulously apply a full program of sound and color correction techniques to enrich video of your conference, event or meeting. Our post-production process aims to achieve visual and audio clarity, balance and tone coherence and quality continuity, while correcting for specific issues like shadows and interference—all to make sure your speakers look and sound their best.

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