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Carnegie Science Discovers New Audience

The Carnegie Institution for Science regularly hosts lectures and seminars with some of the world’s most extraordinary scientists. They tackle big questions and share discoveries from astronomy, biology, and beyond.

Carnegie wanted to further their reach and raise awareness. For the first time they ventured into social video. Our team was there to help them on their quest to make science education free, more exciting and accessible for all.

When Washington Post journalist Marc Kaufman broke the news – live on-stage – that NASA had found signs of an ancient ocean on Mars,’s Boost helped spread the good word. It was a first for Carnegie, a first for science, and the perfect time to build the brand’s credibility.

Boost is ready for every big-break moment, when you want to achieve greater influence and be remarkable.’s Boost produced big numbers:
24x views, 18x engagements, 40x impressions.

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