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Latina Magazine Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Latina Magazine’s 30 Under 30 event featured an all-star lineup of celebrities and pop-stars like Jake T. Austin, Gina Rodriguez, and Fifth Harmony. These influencers have a huge following on social media and a fanbase in the multi-millions eager to interact and share new content.

Latina wanted to add value to its red carpet live stream, generate some buzz around its list of nominees, and cheer on its brand community.

Video was a perfect way to meet Latina’s millennial, mobile-first audience. We joined them live from the red carpet, capturing quick, candid, unpredictable interviews.

Instead of letting the big night expire or go unnoticed, Latina used’s Boost to help make their moment go viral, keep the excitement going, and take full advantage of an opportunity to have fun engaging with their fans.

Boost highlights brought in 6x views for
Latina Magazine’s live stream.

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