Our Watch on Twitter feature enables anyone with a Twitter account to watch and share your video – live or on demand, on any device.

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Whether your video is happening live or on demand, our off-site editors can post highlights from your event to Twitter. Our marketing team can craft customized tweets for each separate video, adding appropriate handles and hashtags, sponsor information and more. Using our technology, these posts can be promoted to targeted audiences, boosting the amount of impressions, exposure and engagement your event receives.

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FORA.tv Boost

“We’re excited to partner with FORA.tv to present our debates live on Twitter, viewable in real time. With Twitter’s powerful network effects, we can expand our audience and further raise the level of public discourse online.”

Intelligence Square U.S. DebatesClea Chang, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy

“What gives FORA.tv an edge is that it can do everything from filming a conference’s content to writing headlines and speaker bios to cutting the film into watchable DVD chapters and three-minute teasers to writing transcripts.”


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