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FORA.tv Flip

 FORA.tv Flip is a proprietary technology that guarantees a reliable stream and eliminates the need for viewers to refresh their browsers. The content within the Flip player can be curated live in the cloud, with no need update the embed code.

Live stream from multiple rooms and give viewers the ability to flip back and forth between content to enjoy a seamless live stream experience.


 Produce live video that displays a speaker or panel, while simultaneously displaying accompanying visual aids such as presentation materials or PowerPoint slides.

Picture-in-Picture is commonly used to offer visual sign language interpretation, which is indispensable to audio-impaired viewers. Whether your event is live streamed or available on demand later, offering picture-in-picture adds value to the viewing experience.

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If your event has global interest, it’s important to accommodate the needs of your audience regardless of preferred language or location.

We work with translation professionals who can deliver your message in more than 80 foreign languages, giving the viewer a choice of which language they’d like to hear while the event is streaming.

Closed Captioning

Add closed captioned text to your online video, while live streaming or on demand. Expand the reach of your video content by including a transcript on screen of the video’s audio.

Attract viewers you may not otherwise have access to. If your event has interest from audiences speaking multiple languages or who are audio-impaired, adding closed captioning ensures all parties can feel that they are a part of the event.

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Schedule one or more rebroadcasts to allow portions of your online audience to experience your event at a time that is convenient for them.

Whether you have offices in different countries or desire viewers in other time zones to experience the excitement of a live stream – our technology allows multiple broadcasts that can be customized by regional time zones.

More Features

FORA.tv also offers multimedia integration to include sponsor branding, lower thirds, social video, lead generation, pay-walls, password protection, video hosting and more.

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