Heroes or Traitors? Snowden, WikiLeaks and Whistleblowers

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Are whistleblowers traitors or heroes? FORA.tv goes undercover with series on the informants making headlines: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and WikiLeaks; Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers; Edward Snowden, privacy, and the NSA.

Join us February 12th to continue the discussion with the Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate "Snowden Was Justified" ยป


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Are whistleblowers traitors or heroes? We've counted on them to uncover corruption and human rights abuses and to hold world powers accountable for their actions. But these leaks can also cause confusion or anger, aid our enemies, and endanger national security.

FORA.tv goes undercover with a series on the informants making headlines: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and WikiLeaks rip open Iraq War files. Daniel Ellsberg exposes "systematic" lies in the Pentagon Papers. Edward Snowden watches the watchers and picks a fight with the NSA's mass surveillance.

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