End of the Year Fora Top Ten

As part of our annual countdown of the Top 10 Videos on FORA.tv, this year we will be announcing the Users' Choice Award--the video FORA.tv users picked as their favorite video of 2012. Please take a moment to nominate your favorite.


About This Series

The Best of FORA.tv 2012 videos were selected using measures both objective and subjective: view counts, interactions and comments, as well as feedback from out Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages.

Visit our blog or comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of our choices.

Happy New Year!

BEST OF FORA.tv 2011

Michael Moore: Here Comes Trouble
01:57:06 | 26,488 views
Roger McNamee Says 'Google Is Done'
00:04:11 | 94,658 views
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