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Charlie Cook Briefing,Money: Recession. Recovery. Repeat.
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Join National Journal in Des Moines, Iowa, for a robust town hall discussion with local opinion leaders about how the nation's rapidly evolving demographic shifts are impacting schools across the country as they educate a new generation of Americans.
Fresh off the heels of the 30th anniversary of the publication of The Cook Political Report, Charlie will provide his insight on the key races and data points to watch as we start the countdown to Election Day.
National Journal and The Atlantic will convene experts on education and policy, as well as leaders in the Hispanic community, to spark dialogue around the social barriers to progress and the next steps toward making STEM careers fully accessible to Hispanic Millennials.
National Journal's third annual women's event will convene influential Washington women for a series of conversations on the evolving role of women in leadership.
Join National Journal in Houston, Texas for a Next America summit, underwritten by MasterCard, as we convene local opinion leaders for a robust discussion about minority financial inclusion, wealth building and business ownership.
Join National Journal for our fourth Next America summit as we convene the nation's key opinion leaders for a robust discussion about minority financial empowerment, workforce development and entrepreneurship.
Join National Journal for a policy summit on the future of immigration reform.
This event will feature Charlie Cook-National Journal political analyst and editor, and publisher of The Cook Political Report-who will take a look ahead to the 2014 elections, and the potential consequences of its outcome.
Join National Journal for a policy summit to convene the nation's key opinion leaders for a robust discussion on insurance regulatory modernization, both home and abroad, in the 21st century.
The Atlantic and National Journal invite you to join us as we travel to Richmond, VA, for the third in a series of town hall events on how Millennials are engaging in entrepreneurship and service.
Join National Journal for a regional policy summit in Chicago, Illinois, to convene the nation's key opinion leaders for a robust discussion about the future of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.
Featured Program
Join National Journal for the third event in the Next America series that will bring together government officials, educators, workforce experts and analysts.
Join National Journal for an in-depth conversation with Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary, as he discusses the committee's agenda for the year ahead.
Join National Journal and The Atlantic for the second in a series of town hall events as we go to the heart of Austin to examine the opportunities, inclinations and impact of this giant influential generation.
What tangible results should we expect out of The Hague summit in two weeks? What work remains to be tackled by leaders over the next two years on the road to 2016? Is Congress a support or a hindrance?
Join National Journal for a policy summit about recovery efforts after a natural disaster, and to discuss better ways to get ahead of disasters to make our infrastructure more resistant to flooding and other storm damage.
This event will bring together government officials, educators, administrators, students and other experts to explore the important roles community colleges serve in the educational landscape.
Join National Journal for a Policy Summit featuring leading industry insiders, consumer and regulatory experts, and other key opinion leaders as we explore the state of American communications in the 21st century.
The Atlantic and National Journal present their 12th annual State of the Union Congressional Debrief the morning following President Obama's State of the Union address.
Drawing on key findings from the upcoming Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll, this briefing will explore how connected Americans are to the financial system five years after the crash.
Join National Journal for a policy summit that will convene the nation's top security, financial and insurance experts for a robust discussion concerning TRIA's future.
Join National Journal as we explore the importance of R&D in America's new energy landscape.
With one year to go before the 2014 midterm elections, the Cook team will take a closer look at what factors could influence the outcome of House and Senate races and discuss the two most likely outcomes: a continuation of the GOP's "brand" problems from 2012, or another manifestation of the "Six Year Itch."
Featured Program
National Journal is pleased to present a re-launch event for The Next America project; a multi-platform program that explores how America's changing demography is changing the national agenda.
Timed to coincide with a new poll release in October, this National Journal event will explore attitudes on the deficit and debt ceiling debate.
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