Marketing & Monetization

Whether want more viewers, content, reach or engagement – we have a solution for you. We can also integrate lead generation, pay-per-view, sponsorships and more.

Live Clipping: Boost

Cut & post video highlights of your live stream to social

  • Capture your best moments
  • Boost sponsorship value
  • Increase exposure and conversions
  • Drive viewers to consume content year-round
  • Create content to repurpose

How it works:

  1. Engaging moments from your live stream are cut into short video highlights.
  2. Social copy is crafted to accompany the highlight on social media.
  3. Each highlight features a pre-roll video ad and a clickable CTA to drive conversions.

Live Video Distribution: Amplify

Multiply your live viewership

  • Amplify your event’s reach
  • Distribute to a massive target audience
  • Retarget audiences who engage with your content
  • Your content on a network of 3,000+ premium publishers
  • Turn viewers into customers

How it works:

  1. We work with you to identify the ideal audience you would like to reach.
  2. We distribute your live video content to a network of thousands of qualified high-traffic publications.
  3. Receive insights, so you can create follow up campaigns and retarget this audience for your next live stream.

Interactive Video

Increase engagement and click through rates

  • Add interactive experiences to your videos
  • Improve your viewers’ engagement
  • Turn video from a monologue into a dialogue
  • Monetize video by enabling in-video purchases
  • Personalize your videos and let your viewers choose their own journey

How it works:

  1. We lay an invisible layer over your existing videos, to add interactive annotations.
  2. Add chapters, quizzes, calls-to-actions, forms, images or custom interactions.  
  3. Receive viewer analytics to measure campaign success and increase conversion rates.

Video Sponsorship


  • Serve non-disruptive ads 
  • Viewers engage with brands as they engage with content
  • Works for in-house messaging and sponsored content
  • Elevate brand awareness
  • Higher viewer retention
  • Turn viewers into revenue
  • Connect sponsor messaging to online audiences
  • Extend the shelf-life of sponsorships beyond the event date 
  • Engage your event’s audience with online touchpoints.
  • Add CTA’s, downloads, social activations, and more.



  • Customizable lead forms
  • Pay-per-view paywall
  • Password protection
  • Calls-to-action
  • Chat windows
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Social feeds
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