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Gracenote, MediaX Conference, and King Abdullah University of Science Technology Utilize Video Services

Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company. They power the top music services, consumer electronics companies, automakers, media companies and cable and satellite operators on the planet. At its core, Gracenote helps connect people with the entertainment they love most. Gracenote selected to manage and facilitate live streaming for several internal corporate communications events.

MediaX at Stanford University, continues to use video services for filming and post-production of their 2017 conference with the theme, “Sense-Making & Making Sense“. With digital tools, on April 20th, the #mediaX2017 Conference applied knowledge about human sense-making to our explorations of sensors and signals, information processing, analysis, and reasoning by machines. MediaX harnesses the drive of industry and the genius of Stanford to change the world. MediaX helps its members explore how the thoughtful use of technology can impact a range of fields, and research innovative ways for people to collaborate with the information, products, and industries of tomorrow.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in San Francisco comes on as a new client using to produce video for their recruitment efforts. KAUST’s attracts and develops top talent from the Kingdom and around the world, and allows its members to fulfill their intellectual potential in a state-of-the-art environment. captured footage of alumni interviews and produced a sizzle reel with custom editing.

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